Palm Beach Show Group Acquires New York City-based AVENUE Show

Written on:October 14, 2013
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By rwimberly

Palm Beach Show Group Acquires New York City-based AVENUE Show alt
October 14, 2013

The Palm Beach Show Group recently acquired Manhattan Media’s Avenue Show, held at the Armory in New York City and focused on antiques, art and design.

The AVENUE Show marks the PBSG’s first foray into New York City, with other events in Los Angeles, Dallas, Naples, Chicago, Baltimore and Palm Beach, Fla., where the company is based.

“We are delighted to be merging the AVENUE Show into our national offerings,” said Scott Diament, president and CEO of PBSG.

He added, “We have always known we wanted to have a premier venue in New York, and this show on Park Avenue in the heart of the city is the perfect addition.”

The AVENUE Show is billed to be “New York’s oldest and longest-running show,” according to show organizers.

“We have known Scott Diament and his partner for many years and have been impressed by the professional and successful way they have built PBSG,” said Richard Burns, chairman of Manhattan Media and general partner of Isis Venture Partners.

He added, “We came to a conclusion that our dealers and vendors would benefit greatly by being integrated into a national network, and PBSG is by far the best choice.”

With the change of ownership also comes a new name: the NEW YORK ART, ANTIQUE & JEWELRY SHOW.

Some of the other events in the PBSG portfolio include the LA Art Show, Art Baltimore and Chicago International Art, Antique & Jewelry Show, to name a few.

With its existing background in running the same type of show, Diament said, “Our extensive marketing efforts will make an immense impact on the reach and participation associated with this show.”

He added, “We believe we possess all of the elements to take something as great as the AVENUE Show and make it exceptional.”

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