It’s a (Little) Miracle! Top Organic Energy Brand in Europe Makes its Way to U.S.

Written on:December 20, 2013
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By Ray Latif

Ah, the energy drink category. Despite federal lawmakers lurking at every turn and negative press hounding the top brands, bold predictions about the decline and demise of energy drinks have turned out to be little more than weak speculation. Much as it has in recent years, the beverage segment continued to thrive in 2013 as robust sales posted by giants like Monster and Red Bull proved that U.S. consumers still love their caffeine rush.

Nevertheless, swirling winds about potential health risks associated of energy drinks resulted in many consumers seeking out products with “cleaner caffeine,” often in the form of natural and organic options. This year’s Natural Products Expo West show saw the debut of several new energy brands, while organic energy stalwarts like Hiball and Scheckter’s expanded their offerings and introduced new distribution in both natural and mainstream channels. And as natural energy continues to gain traction in the U.S., another leading player — albeit one from across the Atlantic — is set to leap into the fray.

Little Miracles, a line of tea-based, organic energy drinks that are distributed in 21 European countries, is aiming to make its U.S. launch next month, beginning in the Southern California market. While the brand recently moved its headquarters to London, Little Miracles is formulated and has its roots in Denmark where company founders Frederick and J

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