Island Club Brands Introduces General Beauregard Dixie Vodka

Written on:September 25, 2013
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By Press Release

Charleston-based Craft Spirit Targets Southern Men

CHARLESTON, S.C., Sept. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Island Club Brands (ICB) today announced the introduction of General Beauregard Dixie Vodka, an all-American handcrafted spirit produced in Charleston, S.C. by Chicken Cock Distillers, a business unit of ICB. Six times distilled from 100 percent American corn and gluten-free, General Dixie’s heritage-driven branding and masculine, whiskey-like corked bottle are specially designed to appeal to Southern male consumers.

General Beauregard Dixie Vodka is making its debut in the heart of the South, launching in Alabama this month before expanding to select bars and restaurants in Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina by year’s end, with broader regional distribution slated for early 2014. Encouraging consumers to “Stand With The General,” ICB has created another industry-forward, authentic craft spirit with a distinctive Southern character. Proudly proclaiming its “Handcrafted for Southerners, by Southerners” heritage, General Dixie has its sights set on commanding the Southern vodka market.

According to ICB CEO Matti Anttila, his inspiration for General Dixie can be traced to a hunting trip near the Georgia-Florida line. “We were all enjoying some whiskey after the hunt, except for one of my buddies who was drinking vodka,” Anttila said. “After we talked about which brands he identified with, I realized there was a clear opportunity for a craft vodka produced in the south that could authentically connect with Southern males.”

General Dixie is available as straight vodka and also in two flavors: Black Pepper and Mint. To achieve a clean, superior tasting vodka the distiller utilized the award-winning, patented TerrePURE(

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