GoodBelly Launches 21-Day Reboot Program With Health Website

Written on:January 9, 2014
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By Press Release

BOULDER, Colo. — GoodBelly, a line of delicious probiotic juice drinks formulated for daily digestive health, has launched the Good Belly Reboot, an easy to follow 21-day program designed to help naturally reset and renew digestive health with daily digestive wellness tips, challenges and reminders. Available through SparkPeople, the largest online healthy lifestyle community, users who sign up for the Good Belly Reboot will receive daily action steps via email to help improve overall digestive health within 21 days.

“Digestive wellness is something that’s critical to overall health – approximately 70 percent of our immune systems dwell in the digestive tract – yet it’s often overlooked as it’s a difficult physical indicator to measure and see results,” said Alan Murray, CEO of GoodBelly. “We designed the Good Belly Reboot challenge to provide all consumers with encouraging and informative step-by-step tips on how to maintain and actually track their digestive health. Our goal with this program is to not only support our fans in their journeys to sustain healthy digestive systems and integrate probiotics into their daily diets, but encourage them to become more in-tune with how digestive health affects their overall wellbeing.”

A perfect complement to traditional health-focused New Year resolutions, the Good Belly Reboot program allows for personalized start dates and is supported with an online discussion forum. After signing up, users will receive educational tips, links to digestive health articles, informative quizzes and the opportunity to download GoodBelly coupons through assessment tests. The program also helps consumers understand how food and beverage choices affect the body, how exercise can improve digestion, the importance of good bacteria, and surprising facts about the digestive system. The Good Belly Reboot also encourages daily consumption of a probiotic to help restore a healthy microflora balance for overall health.

“At SparkPeople, we are dedicated to helping our community members develop comprehensive health and wellness programs tailored to their needs,” said Chris Downie, founder and CEO of SparkPeople. “Including an element of digestive health via Good Belly Reboot will complement users’ existing plans seamlessly, making it a natural extension of their daily regimen.”

GoodBelly’s probiotic juice drinks are non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan and kosher, with several new gluten free options, including Carrot Ginger, Tropical Orange and Fermented Probiotic Coconut Water. Each serving of GoodBelly is infused with 10-50 billion cultures of the probiotic strain, Lactobacillus plantarum 299v (LP299V

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