Coke Introduces Dasani Sparkling

Written on:October 24, 2013
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By Ray Latif

The Coca-Cola Co. Inc. has once again extended the Dasani brand name to a new line of products and today introduced Dasani Sparkling, a five-SKU line of naturally flavored, unsweetened and lightly carbonated waters.

Dasani Sparkling comes a year after Coke made its debut in liquid water enhancers with the launch of Dasani Drops, and follows other brand extensions including Dasani Flavors and the discontinued Dasani Plus, a line of vitamin-enhanced flavored waters. Featuring a variety of packaging options, including a 12 oz. can and 20 oz. PET bottle, Coke will roll out Dasani Sparkling in select outlets beginning in December, and launch the brand nationally in February 2014, according to a statement from the company.

The announcement of the new brand comes amid a whirlwind of activity in the enhanced water category, particularly among launches of flavored sparkling waters, most of which have followed in the mold of artificially sweetened, Sparkling ICE-type products. While Dasani Sparkling features an all-natural formulation and appears to be more likely to challenge carbonated offerings from Poland Springs and Lacroix than Sparkling ICE, the timing of the launch is noteworthy considering sustained declines in Americans’ consumption of soda and highly-sweetened beverages.

Here is Coke’s press release about Dasani Sparkling:

Make Your Day Sparkle with New DASANI Sparkling


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